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August 11th SWEETWATER RIVER BIKE TRAIL CLEAN-UP 8am Cornerstone Church

August 18th CAMPUS CLEAN-UP Granger Junior High School

August 24th HOPE IS HERE TOUR with Chad Veach & Mosaic MSC purchase tickets


August 11th STREET CLEAN-UP  9am  Pacific Beach Middle School

August 18th MILITARY GIVE-BACK 9am Pacific Beach Middle School


August 4th 11pm-1am DWNTWN City Love Club Outreach Copa Vida

August 10th DAUGHTERS Ladies meet-up 7pm Communal Coffee South Park

August 11th School Beautification 8am New Vision

August 17th Bonfire 7pm-10pm


General Ideas

  • Host a free garage sale

  • Bring free lunches to construction workers and servicemen in your area

  • Clean up a widow’s or single mom’s yard

  • Give out free sunscreen at a city park

  • Give out free bottled water

  • Give out free donuts and coffee at bus stop or shopping center

  • Host a free car wash for the faculty

  • Minor car repairs for elderly, widows and/or single mom’s

  • Kids host a free kids toys and games garage sale

  • Kids host a free lemonade stand

Nursing Homes

  • Deliver fresh flowers to the residents

  • Throw a “Senior Prom” complete with live music, food, and decorations

  • Landscape a flower garden and sitting area for resident

  • Have kids make crafts (necklaces, bracelets) that can be given to residents

  • Distribute chips and sodas to residents & employees (check with staff on food restrictions)

  • Tea Party

  • Help the residents complete care packages for foster kids

Special Needs/Youth Home

  • Identify a family with a special needs child and give the family a Mom & Dad’s day out

  • Adopt a group home for the day and throw a party for the residents

  • Build a wheelchair ramp for handicapped

  • Organize a field day for a group youth home

Street Outreach

  • Serve hot breakfast for the homeless in your community

  • Do a community trash clean up

  • Host a “Block Party” with free food, games, music, etc. for families

  • Renovate a run-down playground or park in the area

  • Do a door-to-door grocery giveaway

  • Have a “Free Grass Cutting” day


  • Serve free coffee, energy drinks, and snacks to staff and those waiting in the emergency room

  • Deliver small gifts to patients and families in the children’s ward (toys, care packages, etc)

  • Prayer visits with patients and those in emergency room

  • Take care-packages with snacks, sweets and small gift items (lotions, magazines, puzzles etc.) to families of hospitalized children.

Business/Service Organizations/Public Servicemen

  • Wash windows

  • Trash pick-up in parking lot

  • Coral shopping carts to designated spaces

  • Cook Lunch for your local police or fire station

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